Man With Birth Name "Darthvader" Not Actually a Star Wars Fan

Fans of the Star Wars saga have gone to great lengths to pay their respects to the trilogy, from collecting vast amounts of memorabilia to getting tattoos to giving pets a popular character's name. In 1978, when parents chose to name their son "Darthvader Devon Williamson," they probably never expected that he'd grow up and not be interested in the films.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m not a fan,” Williamson revealed to Yahoo. “I just haven’t watched or gotten into the whole Star Wars culture. I’ve seen the first three, but I haven’t seen anything after that. I understand they’re good movies, but I just haven’t seen them. I just haven’t made the connection and attraction to Star Wars. I’m more partial to Alien movies and horror, stuff like that.”

Born in 1978, Williamson earned his name from his father being so excited about having seen the original Star Wars.

“They came out with baseball cards that [featured] certain scenes,” Williamson pointed out. “And so there was one that was just Darth Vader. So, of course, enamored with the movie, [my father] was in love with the character. So he just came to my mom and said, ‘Look, this is one badass dude. We could name our child [Darth Vader].'”

Despite not being as familiar with the film, his mother went along with the idea.

“[My mom] was like, ‘OK. In the movie, his name is Lord Darth Vader. … We’ll drop the Lord, we’ll name him Darthvader as his first name,’" Williamson pointed out. "After giving birth and whatnot, realizing what she had done, she was like, ‘I agreed to this?!?’"

Many people would be thrilled to have the moniker, but at a young age, Williamson had other plans.

“In the third grade I wanted to change my name,” Williamson claimed. “Apparently I was really hellbent on my name being Jerry because when the teacher called my name out I didn’t answer. I told her my name was Jerry. She called my mother and told her what I had done. [My mother] told me what the process was, everything I’d have to do, and at that point I said, ‘You know what? I’ll just be Darthvader. I’ve got it. I’ll deal with it.’”

When five-year-old Williamson finally saw the character in Return of the Jedi, he was less than thrilled.

“My mom decided to take me to the movies so I could see what the character was like,” Williamson admitted. “And when [Darth Vader] came on, she would say, ‘Look, honey, that’s you!’ And she said I would scream in the movie theater because apparently I was petrified of this character. As I got older, I looked at the movie, and I was like, ‘They really did this to me.’”

One might think Darth Vader would be his favorite character in the series, but Williamson prefers a different armor-clad villain.

"My favorite character is actually Boba Fett, the reason being I’ve always liked his costume,” Williamson confirmed. “And as I got older and watched him — he was just an intergalactic badass. [He] never said much, but when you saw him, you knew he meant business.”

In the films, no one would dare tease Darth Vader, yet Williamson has had virtually every joke imaginable.

“The ‘greatest’ [joke] I’ve heard was, ‘Were your parents screwing when Star Wars was on?’" Williamson remembered. “And I just looked [at them] and was like, ‘Really?’ There’s just so many that you learn to tune them out.”


Williamson currently works as a surgical tech at St. Francis Hospital-Bartlett in Tennessee.

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