Star Wars: Mark Hamill Shares Touching Tribute to Cantina Co-Star

Actor Alfie Curtis might not be the most recognizable name from the original Star Wars, but his portrayal of Dr. Evazan led to some of the film's more memorable sequences. Following his recent passing, Mark Hamill took to Twitter to express his sympathies.

mark hamill alfie curtis dr evazan
(Photo: Twitter/HamillHimself)

The actor's post read, "ALFIE CURTIS made the Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina scene (one of the most memorable I've ever been a part of) even MORE memorable. As horrific as he was on-camera, off-camera he was funny, kind & a real gentleman. Thanks Alf- you'll be missed."

The sequence might not have been the most detailed, but it showcased both how dangerous the world was outside of what Luke knew as well as the lengths Obi-Wan would go to protect him.

While Luke tried to purchase a beverage at the Mos Eisley Cantina, he accidentally collided with Ponda Baba, forcing Evazan to interfere and tell Luke that he was so dangerous that he had a death sentence on 12 systems.

Despite Kenobi's best attempts to mediate the altercation, Baba wouldn't let bygones by bygones, forcing the Jedi Master to retrieve his lightsaber and disarm the character, giving audiences one of the saga's most memorable amputations.

Curtis also starred in films like The Elephant Man, The Wildcats of St. Trinian and Take It or Leave It.

Hamill has been quite active on social media in the weeks since The Last Jedi hit theaters, most often in attempts to clarify certain portrayals of his outlook on the most recent chapter in the saga.

Many social media users have been extracting excerpts of Hamill's interviews from their context to paint a picture of Hamill hating the events of the film, forcing the actor to address the issue head-on.

"I regret voicing my doubts & insecurities in public," Hamill wrote on Twitter. "Creative differences are a common element of any project but usually remain private. All I wanted was to make good movie. I got more than that- [The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson] made an all-time GREAT one!"

With this week also marking the anniversary of co-star Carrie Fisher's death, we can anticipate Hamill sharing more heartfelt messages on various social media platforms.


You can see Hamill in The Last Jedi, in theaters now.

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