Star Wars: Episode VIII Could Have Significant Rebels Tie-In

The Star Wars: Episode VIII rumors are flowing fast now that Rogue One, at least on a promotional side, is mostly in the rearview mirror. After a rumor about about new bird-like creatures that live on Ahch-To, the planet with the Jedi Temple that Luke Skywalker is found hiding out on, surfaced last week, it turns out they may be much more important than we thought. Oh, and we've already seen them, too.

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MakingStarWars, the source of the original rumor and a proven site with reliable sources, now says the bird-like creatures are most likely the Convorees - or "Force Owls" that we've seen on Star Wars Rebels. The owl-like birds will look a bit different in Star Wars: Episode VIII, naturally, as they'll be rendered more realistically to go with the live-action film. If true, it would be a nice link to Rebels and the way they've been exploring the Force on the show.

For those unfamiliar, these little "Force Owls" have been showing up for the last year or so. The first one seemed to be following Ahsoka Tano around, as if to foreshadow her major personal clash. She also, while still largely embracing the light side of the Force, has no official designation, no direct allegiance to Jedi or to Sith. The second owl also came alongside someone with a similar lack of affiliation, the Bendu. The mysterious and ancient creature knows more about the Force than Jedi or Sith do, and can manipulate both sides of the Force at will. Those owls, the Convorees, also resemble the creature that "Daughter," a living embodiment of the light side of the Force, could transform into.

In a recent interview with, Star Wars Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni gave fans more cause for speculation about the Convorees.

"That type of idea is throughout [Star Wars], and kind of in the work that I've been doing going forward with characters and little characters that seem to follow them," Filoni said of both the Convorees and other animals like Loth-cats. "You see the [creature], and you're like, 'Oh, wait a minute, something more weird's going to happen.' It's all a little bit of twisted thoughts and magic going on."

So, if the Convorees are on Ahch-To, that likely means a couple of things. First, it may mean that Luke has been exploring a bit more balance to the Force, not just the light side, since they seem to be drawn to light and dark in more even balance. Second, it means "something weird's going to happen," as Filoni so succinctly put it.


Star Wars Rebels airs Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT. Star Wars: Episode VIII is in post-production for a December 15, 2017 release.


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