The Cantina at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Is Selling Drinks for $75

The opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge marks the single biggest park expansion in Disneyland's storied history, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the franchise and take a trip to a galaxy far, far away. But with Disneyland's increasing prices and all of the dollars spent on merchandise, it seems to be less affordable for fans trying to vacation on a budget. If that's the case, you might want to steer clear of Oga's Cantina unless you have a surplus of credits burning a hole in your flight suit pocket.

star wars galaxys edge 1
(Photo: JK Schmidt for ComicBook)

As the first area to serve alcohol in Disneyland park and the first official recreation of an actual cantina in the Star Wars galaxy, Oga's Cantina is packed with charm and the aesthetic to make you feel you've actually ventured to Mos Eisley's trendier competitor. There's a lack of alien denizens, a sheen polish, DJ R3X spinning in the corner, and the fact that you'll likely have to get on a waiting list to enter; all of these aspects make it seem like you're not in a bar in the Star Wars universe, but instead in a fancy night club.

star wars galaxys edge 3
(Photo: JK Schmidt for ComicBook)

And then you look at the prices of the alcoholic drinks, and that fact is only further reinforced. While there are some more affordable options, if you're ok with $12 Beer Night, there are also some prices that might make some visitors gasp.

The priciest drinks range from $75 to $32, but they do come with souvenirs that Disney is probably hoping are worth the price of admission.

star wars galaxys edge 2
(Photo: JK Schmidt for ComicBook)

The most expensive option is the beer flight, which gives you the option of trying every draft on tap for $75 on a souvenir board. It comes on a hardwood plank with decorative hollowed Rancor teeth, in which the beer samples are actually served. While it's a neat souvenir, the beers include a Sierra Nevada Tropical IPA, a New Belgium Red Ale, a Blue Point Lager, and a Ballast Point IPA. All good beers, but the price of admission might be turn off.

star wars galaxys edge 4
(Photo: JK Schmidt for ComicBook)

The next most expensive option is also alcoholic, but might prove more palatable among collectors. The Yub Nub is a spiced rum drink with fruity mixers, and comes in a souvenir mug from Endor. This mug is charged with a lot of the same symbols you'll find among the Ewok Village. But still, $42 is a bit steep for a cup and some overpriced booze.

The next most expensive option is a non-alcoholic is appropriately called the Cliff Dweller, which is served in a souvenir Porg mug for $32. This is just a fancy ginger ale concoction, mixed with citrus, coconut, and a blend of hibiscus-flavored grenadine.

star wars galaxys edge 5
(Photo: JK Schmidt for ComicBook)

All in all, the drinks at Oga's Cantina are pricey, and the souvenirs might not be worth the tag. But if you're heading to the trendiest place in the galaxy, chances are that the amount of credits for the swag isn't exactly a setback. But if it is, make sure you're prepared before you get on the waiting list.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is now open to the public at Disneyland, and will be open in Walt Disney World in August.