Star Wars Writer Charles Soule Teases the Scale of The High Republic Stories

When Light of the Jedi hits bookstores in January, it's going to introduce Star Wars fan to an [...]

When Light of the Jedi hits bookstores in January, it's going to introduce Star Wars fan to an entirely new era of the franchise that's never been explored before. Following the Charles Soule novel is a series of prose and graphic novels that are set to introduce characters old and new alike during a time when the Jedi Order is the strongest it's ever been. In fact, Soule himself says it's bigger than anything he's ever done before, including his time helping write mega-events for both Marvel and DC.

"I've never done anything like The High Republic — from the writers room approach to the scope, stakes and opportunity … it's wild," Soule tells THR. "The closest analog I can think of is working on the big multi-title crossover comic stories I've done at Marvel and DC, but this is bigger by at least an order of magnitude."

The writer points out the iron-clad continuity Lucasfilm shares between film, television, publishing, and video games as one of the main reasons Light of the Jedi and its overarching event The High Republic is one of the biggest projects he's ever tackled.

"There's also the sense that even though The High Republic is its own era, it's part of a shared history with the entirety of Star Wars continuity, and things that happen in a different piece of Star Wars content might have a direct influence on what we can do in our stories," Soule adds.

While Light of the Jedi isn't his first rodeo when it comes to prose — he's previously written two novels, The Oracle Year and Anyone — Soule says the Star Wars tale might be the most active out of the bunch.

"As far as writing Star Wars prose specifically … I've written two novels (The Oracle Year and Anyone), and I'm working on my third, in addition to Light of the Jedi. It's a job I understand," he concludes. "I think if there's any significant difference, it's just in the work this book has to do. It's not just a fun Star Wars story — it has to wear a bunch of hats and accomplish a number of different things … but as I mentioned, I knew that going in."

Light of the Jedi is part of what Lucasfilm is calling Phase I of The High Republic story. With this initial phase, Light of the Jedi will be joined by A Test of Courage, a middle-grade novel by Justina Ireland, and Into the Dark, a young adult novel by Claudia Gray. Two comic books will also join the link, IDW's The High Republic Adventures by Daniel José and Marvel's The High Republic by Cavan Scott.

Star Wars: Light of the Jedi is currently set for release on January 5, 2021.