Star Wars: The High Republic's New Jedi Characters Explained in New Infographic

Star Wars: The High Republic will begin in early January, introducing fans of the franchise to a [...]

Star Wars: The High Republic will begin in early January, introducing fans of the franchise to a whole new era of Jedi. Details about The High Republic have been trickling out for months in official Lucasfilm promotional reveals and interviews, and now all of that early information has been compiled by Star Wars LibriComics into a very handy new visual aid. Scroll below to see an infographic of All the new Jedi characters of Star Wars: The High Republic. The chart breaks the new Jedi up into their respective projects from The High Republic books, while also revealing key details like their rank, lightsaber color, and personal connections to one another (master and padwan, etc.).

Star Wars The High Republic New Jedi Characters Explained Infographic
(Photo: Star Wars LibriComics)

Star Wars: The High Republic launches on January 5th with Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule and continues with A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland (also on January 5th) and Marvel Comics Star Wars The High Republic series on January 6th. Another novel, Into the Dark, follows on February 2nd, while another comic series The High Republic Adventures follows on February 21st. Those Jedi featured in each of those "First Wave" of High Republic projects are the ones featured in the infographic above. Here is the schedule for the entire lineup of Star Wars: The High Republic projects.

While it's definitely cool to get novelties like what each new Jedi character looks like, or what kind of lightsaber color they'll have the real information worth studying here are the rankings of each Jedi character and their relationships with one another. If you haven't been keeping tabs, this first wave of Star Wars: The High Republic projects are all unfolding around one big central "event" that links them.

The synopses of the novels and comics all reference two main events: a major disaster in hyperspace travel that seems to ripple through the High Republic, and the invasion of new villains the Nihil, as the Jedi attempt to open a new base (Starlight Beacon) on the "frontier" of the galaxy, outside of Republic space. These first High Republic comics and novels will examine how The Jedi deal with the disaster, Starlight Beacon, and The Nihil on multiple fronts - meaning the relationships between these characters could become crucial crossover details, that help Star Wars fans see the bigger picture and character arcs taking place across the series.

In fact, while these Star Wars: The High Republic story may start off with so many Jedi characters, this chart may hold the first clues as to how the series may whittle that number down to a much smaller focus of main character heroes, destined for bigger things. It's also going to be a handy visual reference, as Star Wars fans try to keep this much bigger cast of characters sorted while reading.

Star Wars: The High Republic begins on January 5th with The Light of the Jedi and A Test of Courage.