Jyn Erso Meets Sabine, Ewoks Cook Stormtroopers in 'Star Wars: Forces of Destiny'

The latest animated series set in the Star Wars universe has provided fun glimpses into some of the quieter moments in the saga, but the latest episodes have brought together some of their most popular characters who have yet to meet.

In the newest episode of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, Sabine Wren has a fateful encounter with Jyn Erso that ends up benefitting the Rebellion in their fight against the Empire. Check it out above!

The episode, called Accidental Allies, appears to take place on Lothal during the time period before Jyn was seeking her father and the plans for the Death Star.

Sabine has secured some intel — a map of an Imperial installation that's vital for the Rebel cause. The Mandalorian misplaces the map while being pursued by Stormtroopers, and it is then recovered by Jyn.

The future Rebel ends up being pursued by Stormtroopers herself, and just when it seems like she's going to get cornered, Sabine rescues her. The two exchange some terse words when Sabine asks for the data to be returned, but after the two find some common ground, they exchange some pleasantries and go their separate ways.

That wasn't the only big meeting to happen on the series, as another new episode showed a standoff between the two best pilots in the Rebellion.

Sometime after the battle on Endor, Chewbacca and Han Solo are watching as the ewoks prepare to cook and eat some captive Stormtroopers. Though they exchange a laugh, Leia doesn't find it funny and encourages her friends to show mercy.

But ewoks have to eat too, and when Leia realizes they're hungry she sends Solo to meet up with General Hera Syndulla to get some rations.

Hera refuses to part ways with the rations until Han admits that the Ghost is a superior ship to the Millennium Falcon. Solo does so grudgingly, and returns in Leia's favor with food for the ewoks.

These short and sweet episodes are packed with fun moments, especially the overt references to the savagery of the ewoks. Let's up future installments are as entertaining as they two.


Star Wars: Forces of Destiny can be viewed on Disney's YouTube channel.