Louis Vuitton Bags Are Being Turned Into Star Wars Masks

If you love Star Wars and love luxury handbags, you're about to be a very happy fan. An Indianapolis-based artist is turning vintage Louis Vuitton handbags into art sculptures of various character masks from the Star Wars universe.

Gabriel Dishaw, an artist who likes to incorporate discarded and recycled materials into his work, has been taking materials from vintage Louis Vuitton handbags along with other items -- such as typewriter parts and computer chips -- to create intricate masks from the Star Wars universe, including Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, and even a Louis Vuitton Storm Trooper that can be seen in person at the Indiana State Museum, right at the entrance of the IMAX Theater. Dishaw's work isn't to the Dark Side, either. He's also created a C3PO sculpture as well. You can check out his work below.

While Dishaw does other, non-Star Wars sculptures as well, he told Highsnobiety, that while materials drive his creative process, he's also a huge Star Was fan and his lifelong love of the characters eventually influenced his work.

"Star Wars started for me early on. I'm super passionate about the movies," Dishaw said. "It's something I grew up with, so it was only logical that it kind of progressed into my art and what I'm passionate about. Much of the materials drive the process so as I deconstruct things like adding machines, typewriters, e-waste, I get inspiration from those pieces and those then influence the process or the end result of what the sculpture becomes."

And when he found old luxury handbags, those materials immediately made him think about Star Wars.

"The process started when I actually found some old vintage Louis Vuitton bags while I was travelling, and I was like 'wow, this is going to be a really interesting project. How can I upcycle these materials to recreate Star Wars?'"


If a Louis Vuitton Kylo Ren mask isn't your thing, you can still see the canon Star Wars version of the First Order warrior’s mask on the big screen. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently in theaters.

[ H/T: Mashable ]