Star Wars and Marvel Writer Reveals More Prominent Role at Lucasfilm

Star Wars and Marvel writer Charles Soule has revealed that he is taking on a more prominent role at Lucasfilm. "Guess this is getting out there," Soule wrote in a social media post. "...I'm officially a Creative Consultant for Lucasfilm, and it's cool." He also elaborated by stating that he's "Very excited about this new role! It's been a blast so far, and is letting me do some really cool stuff in the galaxy far, far away." 

Soule attached a blurb about him that's been released with his new promotion, which breaks down his contributions to both the Marvel and Star Wars franchises pretty succinctly: 

"Charles Soule is a #1 New York Times-bestselling novelist, Eisner-nominated comics writer and screenwriter. His notable stories include groundbreaking runs on Daredevil and She-Hulk, the mega-bestsellers Death of Wolverine, The Rise of Kylo Ren and Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith and original series Letter 44, Curse Words and Undiscovered Country. In addition to his work in comics, he was a primary architect for the hugely successful Star Wars: The High Republic initiative works as a Creative Consultant for Lucasfilm, Ltd., and has written three acclaimed novels for HarperCollins and Del Rey. He lives in New York."

Indeed, Charles Soule is one of the more prominent names in geek culture right now – for all the reasons you see above. Soule is also one of the few writers to make a true transition between print mediums (novels and comics) and find strong success across both. As noted in his bio, Soule has already been incredibly instrumental in shepherding Star Wars' first chapter of the franchise outside the Skywalker Saga, The High Republic. 

Soule wrote the premiere novel in the Star Wars: The High Republic line, Light of the Jedi. That successful launchpad propelled Soule to writing duties on Marvel's Star Wars comic series, which has become increasingly pivotal for coordinating the expanding universe of the franchise, from the Original Trilogy era to The High Republic – to setting up a future that could include The Old Republic and many other fun adventures in the New Republic era. 

Naturally, Star Wars fans will now have a ton of new questions about what, exactly, Charles Soule is "consulting" on for Lucasfilm. The first project that comes to mind is The HIgh Republic TV series The Acolyte, which would be the most obvious and direct application of Soule's franchise knowledge. However, Lucasfilm's bigger problem is finding a way to revitalize the Star Wars blockbuster movie universe, which has somehow become the most divisive and risky wind of the brand. Getting minds like Charles Soule – who have succeeded so well in other mediums – into helping shape the film division would be equally as beneficial. 

Star Wars: The High Republic and Star Wars comic series are both available.