Star Wars Fan Unites the Franchise With Awesome Supercut

A Star Wars fan is attempting to bring balance back to the franchise by uniting the movies of the entire Star Wars Skywalker Saga in one epic supercut video. This Supercut by Redfoam actually takes all the main Episode films of the Skywalker Saga, as well as Star Wars standalones Rogue One and Solo, and The Mandalorian TV series, and puts them all together as one epic story. It's been done before (and is being done more and more since The Rise of Skywalker ended the Skywalker Saga), but this particular cut is a standout that's definitely worth your viewing time. See for yourself, above.

Some people complain that the various eras of Star Wars storytelling have been too redundant with repeated storylines and themes, but this supercut actually turns that negative view into a positive, linking some key moments from across the Skywalker Saga, arguably in ways that we've never thought of before. For example, the Han Solo no-look backward shot is one that filmmakers echoed in his son Ben Solo's rescue of Rey in The Rise of Skywalker, and this cut makes that father-son connection really shine. It makes the case for why the repetition in the saga is actually part of a deeper theme, rather than just lazy storytelling (take that how you will).

The other fun thing about this supercut is the way it makes every project in the Star Wars Skywalker Saga look good, both individually and as a whole. The era of Disney Star Wars movies has been the most divisive one ever for the franchise. After the generally-liked relaunch of the series with The Force Awakens, the fandom began to split at the seams over the first standalone release, Rogue One, and all the changes to the franchise it brought with it. The Last Jedi caused an even wider schism; Solo has had to settle for being a cult-hit; and The Rise of Skywalker generally disappointed fans across the board.

Star Wars Skywalker Saga Wallpaper

Nowadays, Star Wars is more often argued about rather than celebrated by the fans. So it's a very nice change of pace to see a video that makes the case for why the Star Wars franchise, as a whole, is a fun universe to play in - no matter which particular chapters of it individual fans may like or hate the most.

Star Wars will continue next with The Mandalorian season 2 this fall - and then a new era will begin with Star Wars: The High Republic line of books and comics, in early 2021.