Star Wars: Palpatine Voice Actor Thinks Emperor Created Anakin Skywalker

A very popular Star Wars fan theory was given a lot of credence just over a year ago. The pages of Darth Vader #25 seemingly confirmed the long held theory that Darth Sidious aka Emperor Palpatine was in fact the "Father" to the miracle child, Anakin Skywalker. Since that issue debuted, fans have been eager to point to it as not only a canon moment in the series, but definitive proof of the Emperor's meddling from afar. Earlier this week, Star Wars Story Group member Matt Martin debunked the theory, but that hasn't stopped others with a say in Star Wars from disagreeing.

Despite Martin's insistence that the comic was not intended to draw the conclusion of Palpatine's involvement in Anakin's immaculate conception, Sam Witwer (who provided the voice for Palpatine in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video games and in other media) however firmly disagreed. In a Christmas Day greeting to fans, Witwer tweeted: "Palpatine quite possibly was responsible for Anakin's birth. Come at me story group. And Merry Christmas!"

Naturally, a fan was quick to point out that Martin had already debunked this notion, Witwer had a reply ready for this as well and it's certainly an interesting argument!

"And I disagree with him. George put it in his movie," he said. "I know a thing or two about the dark side, and I say it's possible. But why? Why do insist it's possible? Because George Lucas made an independent movie, and suggested it was possible. As makers of Star Wars, we're here to lay possibilities on the table, not take them away."

Witwer refers to a deleted moment from Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith that firmly established Palpatine as Anakin's "father," with the Sith leader telling Skywalker that he "Arranged for (his) conception" using the powers of the force "to will the midichlorians to start the cell divisions that created (him)." This moment was only found in an early draft of the script and never made it into the finished film, though it was included in an older "Making of" book for the film. The inclusion of this detail in supplemental material has kept it alive as a theory for years with last year's comic book adding a lot of fuel to the fire, a fire that Martin's outright denial can't put out.

"This is all in Anakin’s head ... I can tell you definitively, as someone who worked on the comic, that is 100% not the intended implication," Martin said about the moment. "It’s part of my job to ensure the stories are aligned with the overall vision of Star Wars. If the intention was to make a direct connection between Palps and Anakin’s birth, I would have had it removed."


Series writer Charles Soule also cast doubt on the moment too, saying: "Matt and I worked closely on this series and this point in particular. I hate explaining stuff in my work in too much detail, but you need to understand the scenario happening here. The Dark Side is not a reliable narrator."

Despite what seems like a pretty clear cut denial from the creators about their intention, many Star Wars fans will always have their own interpretation that goes against it. Where do you land on this Star Wars theory? Sound off in the comments below if you agree with Sam Witwer about The Emperor's plans!