'Star Wars Rebels' Boss Teases Series End

With the imminent premiere of the final season of Star Wars Rebels, we’re starting to learn more about the show’s ending and how it will line up with the events of the saga.

Series creator Dave Filoni finally revealed some of his plans for the show, teasing some surprises and hinting at some interesting developments as the Ghost crew’s story comes to its conclusion.

“I don’t want this season to be one answer after another, but I wanted to make sure there are things we’ve set up that we pay off and that you feel you got some answers,” said Filoni in a discussion with Nerdist. “There are some big time explanations and reveals that are unlike anything we’ve done, and there are also other levels of weirdness that I’ve added to make up for that fact.”

There are a few lingering questions that fans have been dying to know about, such as Ezra’s fate, if Kanan and Hera will finally get together, and whether or not Ahsoka is alive (she totally is… right?), but Filoni wasn’t keen on offering any hints. He wants people to be tuned into the show when it premieres this week.

“All of these things are things that are in our mind,” Filoni said. “They sometimes have large answers and sometimes smaller answers, and sometimes things that might not have a definite answer, but give you enough of an ability to understand and then wonder about it–which is sometimes the best kind of answer.”

The shorter season will be a lot more different from previous years in the series with all of the loose ends that need to be wrapped up.

“I’ve been able to build a lot better connections and motivations across all the episodes as we go,” Filoni said. “It is very unlike other seasons, because while the episodes are self contained, they are very next to each other in progression. They affect each other more; it’s more serialized than you’re used to.”

At the center of it, Filoni wants to provide a satisfying conclusion to Ezra and Kanan’s stories while fitting into the ongoing Star Wars saga.

“If you watch Rebels from the very beginning, you think, here’s a kid [Ezra] and the problem he has is that the Empire had taken over his planet, Lothal,” Filoni said. “The promise seems to be that by the end of this, he will find a way to rid his world of the Empire. But we know that the Empire builds the Death Star, builds another Death Star, and they don’t really get destroyed until Luke does it.


“How in the world does this kid find any kind of victory in the middle of this conflict? What does he consider a victory? How is he going to use his powers?”

We’ll learn that answer in Star Wars Rebels’ final season, premiering Monday, October 16 on Disney XD.