Chewbacca Actor Shares Support for Solo: A Star Wars Story Sequel With Meme

Just over a year ago, Solo: A Star Wars Story landed in theaters, earning relatively positive reviews from fans and critics but failing to translate that success into box office numbers. The film seemingly left the door open for a number of follow-up films or spinoffs, yet Lucasfilm has offered no updates on that narrative ever continuing. On the film's first anniversary, social media users attempted to show their support for the film by flooding Twitter with posts using the hashtag "#MakeSolo2Happen," which caught the eye of many members of the film's cast and crew. Joonas Suotamo, who played Chewbacca in the film, recently shared his support for the campaign.

The actor shared the above meme while adding the message, "To my Solo: A Star Wars Story fans: I hear you. I see you. I feel you."

Solo landed in theaters just six months after the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, with the prevailing theory behind its financial disappointments being that it failed to earn enough buzz to make it feel like an event. The project marks the lowest-grossing live-action entry in the franchise, falling short of $400 million worldwide, putting it behind Star Wars: Attack of the Clones' worldwide total of $649 million.

Director Ron Howard recently shared that he thinks it was the fans who didn't enjoy The Last Jedi that were to blame for Solo's struggles.

"Whatever millions [Solo] made worldwide, those were the core fans, but it didn't hit that zeitgeist point, for whatever reason," Howard shared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. "Timing, young Han Solo, pushback from the previous movie, which I kept hearing was maybe something. And some trolling, definitely some trolling. Some actual aggressive... It was pretty interesting. Not so much, a little bit the Twitter feed, yes, but it was especially noticeable prior to the release of the movie. Several of the algorithms, whether it was Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes, there was an inordinate push down on the 'want to see' and on the fan voting. And when you look at it, it's like 3, 4, 5 -- or whatever the rating is, I forget what the rating is on Rotten Tomatoes, whether it's a scale of 1-5 or 1-10 -- but pretty high, and then a series of 0s or .5s or 1s."


Stay tuned for details on the future of the Star War saga.

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