New Star Wars Comic Potentially Reveals Key Detail About DJ in 'The Last Jedi'

Of all the new characters featured in The Last Jedi, one of the most mysterious was Benicio del Toro's "DJ." Adding more mystery to the character was that the actor did very little press before the film's release, preventing any details about his role in the film from slipping. In the upcoming comic book Star Wars: The Last Jedi — DJ, which hits shelves January 31, 2018, we might finally learn why the character was locked in a jail cell on Canto Bight.

"Our one-shot will show you what DJ was doing right up to the moment before we meet him in the film," writer Ben Blacker told "You’ll definitely get some insights into DJ’s worldview, which is a more complicated and, in many ways, darker perspective than we’ve seen in the Star Wars universe."

As mysterious as his entrance into the film, emerging from under a blanket in a jail cell with Finn and Rose, the character exited the film having sold out his newfound "allies" for a hefty price. This new comic is sure to explore the character's outlook in which he will neither be a hero nor a villain.

The overall perspective of DJ was that there was no difference between the Resistance or the First Order, as they were both military organizations struggling to take power away from the other. DJ's perspective shocked Finn, as he had more delineated perceptions of which organization was good and which was evil, only to learn that many arms dealers on Canto Bight supplied weapons to both the First Order and the Resistance.

"There was a lot of back and forth with Lucasfilm about both the setting and the character," Blacker continued. "The story takes place on a planet seen in the new movie, so there was a lot of info to learn about that location and how it works. More conversation, however, went into DJ’s character and the way he interacts with the world. He isn’t a 'man of action' like so many Star Wars characters. He’s crafty and more than a bit mercenary. Lucasfilm did a great job in sort of boiling down DJ’s worldview to one sentence and, hopefully, that character thesis statement comes across on every page."

Del Toro's character is shrouded in such mystery that, throughout the course of the film, he is never given a name. Rather, the moniker "DJ" is taken from Star Wars: The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary which notes that this represents the phrase "Don't Join," alluding that he avoids aligning with neither the Resistance nor the First Order.

A passage from the book describes:

“He thinks larger causes are for fools, since society is just a machine looking to turn everyone into a cog. First Order, Resistance, or New Republic — it doesn’t matter where on the spectrum such a cause may lie; ultimately all are meat grinders that chew up their followers with the same disinterest.”

We'll be learning more about DJ when Star Wars: The Last Jedi — DJ debuts on January 31, 2018.


The Last Jedi is in theaters now.