Star Wars: John Boyega Promises "Jokes and Fun" From Leia in 'The Last Jedi'

The Last Jedi promises plenty of adventure and excitement, but along with that comes sadness at that the realization the film serves as Carrie Fisher's sendoff from the Star Wars saga. Despite those somber feelings, John Boyega claims that Fisher's final performance is much like the actress herself, which means it was complex, heartfelt and full of humor.

“Well, Carrie means freedom to me. She means the ability to be yourself regardless of circumstance, regardless of social construct," the actor told Good Morning America. "For me, she’s just incredible, and back-to-back on everything, we had jokes and laughter, and that’s something you’re going to get with Carrie Fisher here.”

The recent press tour in support of the latest Star Wars film has allowed multiple members of the cast and crew to express not only how sad they are to have lost Fisher, but also remind audiences just how special she was and the impact she has on the film.

Writer/director Rian Johnson, for example, appreciated not only her skills as an actress, but her skills as a writer, having helped craft a variety of films and books.

"Carrie was, you know, a writer first and foremost. She loved words," Johnson shared with "We would get together and we would go over the scenes. We wouldn't rewrite the scenes but she would throw out suggestions for jokes, and lines, and ideas. And we'd go back and forth."

An accomplished writer in his own regard, Johnson knew when to take the backseat and let Fisher voice her input on scenes.

"There are a few scenes that we got together with her and the other actors in the scene and kind of shaped it," Johnson pointed out. "I mean, if you have Carrie Fisher standing there with you, you'd be a fool not to use her writing talents. That was probably her main contribution."

One of the characters that Fisher interacted with most in the film was Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac.

"We've always been very direct with each other, you know?" Isaac described of their relationship to Entertainment Weekly. "There was just such an honesty, and it's a really beautiful little scene that happens here between the two of them."


Fans will get to see Fisher's final performance when The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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