The Cast of 'The Last Jedi' Share Their Most Coveted Star Wars Possession

The world of Star Wars has always been linked with the world of collecting, with thousands of different items being created over the years to honor the series. Some items, however, are one-of-a-kind mementos that only a cast member may possess. The cast of The Last Jedi recently shared their most-coveted Star Wars possession.

"My most prized possession, actually, I may or may not have been given a prop from The Last Jedi, which is pretty cool," Daisy Ridley shared.

The actress also pointed out another item she owns that has another nostalgic significance.

"My most prized possession is, Joonas [Suotamo], who is one of the wonderful [Chewbacca performers], he gave me a Chewie doll that lives in my living room," Ridley revealed. "That is my most prized possession because he is really wonderful."

Writer/director Rian Johnson may have earned one of the film's most coveted props that debuted in this new installment.

"Right now my favorite possession is I just got from the creature guys a porg, actually," Johnson shared. "But like the real puppet, the actual deal, and they gave it to me mounted with the wires going in so I can control its face with a little joystick thing. It's pretty amazing."

While Harrison Ford doesn't appear in the movie, John Boyega still cherishes a gift that honors the actor.

"My Harrison Ford action figure with Harrison Ford's signature on it," Boyega shared. "And Carrie [Fisher]'s and Mark [Hamill]'s."

A series newcomer, Kelly Marie Tran, played it a little more coy, saying, "I cannot tell you what it is." When the interviewer made an educated guess about it being a prop from this movie, Tran confirmed it was.

Another newcomer may have the most unique possession, with Laura Dern sharing, "Oscar Isaac. He just doesn't know he's my possession yet."

Poe himself, Oscar Isaac, had a different coveted memento.

"Poe's blaster. I have it tucked away somewhere...under my pillow," Isaac shared. "It's under my pillow, okay?"

Mark Hamill's collection contains items that are not only fashionable, but functional.

"I kept the Stormtrooper helmet that I rescued the princess in. I asked for it, you can't just walk off with it," Hamill admitted. "And I kept Luke's boots. Usually items from wardrobe. But they're not at my house, potential burglars. They're in a vault somewhere in the Valley."


The next chapter in the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi, hits theaters this Friday.

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