Star Wars: Linguist Noam Chomsky Addresses How Baby Yoda Might Speak

We are four episodes into Star Wars: The Mandalorian and it appears that the Disney+ series has given us a universal truth: Baby Yoda is the most popular thing on the internet, the one thing nearly all of humanity can agree on, the creature we are all willing to protect no matter the cost -- never mind that he's not only a fictional character but a puppet at that. It's this level of popularity that has people around the globe asking serious questions about the precious creature officially known as The Child and when it comes to questions about what the little green guy might sound like when he speaks, one intrepid Twitter user decided to email famed linguist Noam Chomsky to find out.

As it would turn out there's at least one human on planet Earth that isn't swayed by Baby Yoda. In fact, they aren't even aware of Baby Yoda. Chomsky replied to the fan, first indicating that he didn't know who or what Baby Yoda is and, upon being supplied with a bit more information weighed in pretty directly: no thoughts about memes. Check it out below (via AV Club).

Well. There's that. While we might not know a serious academic take on the speaking voice or speech patterns of Baby Yoda, though, fans are not deterred from their love of the adorable creature. Baby Yoda fascination remains high on social media with each day bringing new memes, new GIFs, and new love for the little green guy. Some people are taking that love a bit further by getting likenesses of Baby Yoda tattooed on their bodies, including one choice that is, well, peak 2019: Baby Yoda drinking the most popular beverage of the year, White Claw hard seltzer.

And even those responsible for making The Mandalorian are huge fans of Baby Yoda as well. Episode 2 director Rick Famuyiwa spoke about his excitement to tackle the series after the surprising reveal of Baby Yoda.


"I was super pumped," Famuyiwa said to Variety. "To sort of come in a be able to do the second one, because there’s so much that the end of the first episode… sort of shook up and really change for our main character, and so I love that, you know, I would sort of be the person in the aftermath of that."

New episodes of Star Wars: The Mandalorian premiere on Fridays on Disney+.