Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3 Rumor Teases Return of Fan-Favorite Creature

The Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian delivered Star Wars fans one of the biggest surprises of the year with an appearance by Luke Skywalker, but recent rumors about Season 3 of the series could see some familiar "walking carpets" dropping by, with Bespin Bulletin claiming that Wookiees have been spotted on the set of the series. They confirm that, in addition to these merely being reports, it's unknown if the rumored Wookiee is a familiar character from the saga or merely an otherworldly appearance from the beloved creature, but if Luke Skywalker is able to appear, it's hard to rule out anything happening on The Mandalorian.

In their post, Bespin Bulletin details, "Last year I heard rumors that a Wookiee or Wookiees may appear in The Mandalorian. I've heard of a Wookiee showing up again as of late from a secondary source and even saw proof that a Wookiee might be appearing in The Mandalorian Season 3 from a new source. I don't know if the Wookiee is of any significance, if it's a character we're familiar with, or if even just a background character. Just thought it was worth mentioning as we all love a fuzzball."

Understandably, with how much fans love Chewbacca, surely most audiences are hoping to see more of the character in any capacity, especially in the world of The Mandalorian during the development of the Resistance, but other fans are likely hoping a Wookiee in Season 3 could mean the live-action debut of another beloved character: Black Krrsantan.

From the first time audiences met Chewbacca in Star Wars: A New Hope, we learned just how powerful and violent the species could potentially be, though his subdued nature and embrace of his heroic side means we never quite saw just how ruthless a Wookiee could be. Luckily, thanks to a series of Star Wars comic books, the debut of the bounty-hunting Wookiee Black Krrsantan demonstrated the full potential of just what would happen when the species tapped into their more primal instincts, as we witnessed a number of brutal encounters all across the galaxy far, far away.

As the name implies, Black Krrsantan earned the name due in part to his black fur, which might have been a giveaway for anyone spotting a Wookiee on the set of The Mandalorian, so we'll have to stand by for more details.


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