Star Wars: Topher Grace Edited All 10 Movies Into One Giant Trailer

To watch all 10 films in the Star Wars saga, a viewer would have to endure nearly 23 hours of the [...]

To watch all 10 films in the Star Wars saga, a viewer would have to endure nearly 23 hours of the galaxy far, far away. Luckily, Topher Grace and Jeff Yorkes collaborated to give fans the above Star Wars: Always video, which makes for an emotional and exciting five-minute journey through the saga.

Grace announced the compilation on Twitter with a link to the video and the message, "10 movies. 2 nerds. 1 weekend (when our wives were out of town). Enjoy…"

The experience might not include all of your favorite moments, but by boiling the 23 hours of the saga to various key and iconic moments, viewers are reminded just how well the entire franchise works together, even if you didn't initially appreciate the merits of the films outside the original trilogy. The compilation reminds fans that we've been given a lot to love since the first Star Wars in 1977 and the variety of characters and storylines allows all viewers to connect with the series in different ways.

Star Wars has regularly been recontextualized in various ways to deliver fans new ways to appreciate the saga, though this is far from the first time Grace has applied his editing skills to the saga.

In 2012, Grace hosted an event and invited roughly 50 people to witness his reimagining of the prequel films. Grace delivered those in attendance an 85-minute experience that whittled the prequel trilogy into one film, cutting out a majority of the political discussions, the Clone Army, General Grievous, and Jar Jar Binks (with the exception of one shot). This edit of the film hasn't been released in any format, as it would be a clear violation of rights issues. At the event, Grace admitted that this wasn't a way to discredit George Lucas' accomplishments, but was merely a personal experiment in editing to help hone his skills.

Grace embarked on a similar endeavor last year to help him cope with embodying the Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke in Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman, this time putting his editing skills to the test with Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy. Rather than a nearly eight-hour experience, Grace trimmed the Middle Earth adventure down to roughly two hours.

"I don't know what other guys do. Go fishing? For me, this is just a great way to relax," Grace shared with IndieWire about his editing experiences. "There's something really zen about it."

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