Star Wars: The Mandalorian Loves Making Fun of Gungans Just as Much as You Do

People have varying opinions on George Lucas' Star Wars prequel trilogy, some folks love the movies while others despise them. However, the one thing that just about everyone can agree on is that Jar-Jar Binks and the Gungans were some of the worst additions to the Star Wars universe. These characters, especially Jar-Jar, have become the topic of a ton of jokes amongst Star Wars fans over the years, and now it looks like the writers of the franchise are getting in on the action as well. Characters in Star Wars are making fun of Gungans, just like the rest of us.

The sixth episode of acclaimed series Star Wars: The Mandalorian was released on Disney+ early Friday morning, and it features Pedro Pascal's titular character teaming with a group of mercenaries to pull of a prison heist. The leader of the extraction team is a former Imperial sharpshooter named Mayfeld, played by comedian Bill Burr. As you can expect, Burr gets plenty of great jokes throughout the episode, and one of them is aimed directly at Gungans.

While on the ship on the way to the prison, the crew collectively harasses Mando about his culture and why he doesn't take his helmet off. Mayfeld at one point jokes that the reason he keeps the helmet on is because he's a Gungan, and he doesn't want anyone else to know. When he makes the joke, he does a half-hearted Gungan impression.

"I wonder what you look like under there," he tells Mando. "Maybe he's a Gungan. Is that why 'Youssa don't wanna show your face?'"

So, in the canon of Star Wars, Gungans are also the punchline of jokes. Perhaps this is only true in certain circles, but it means that there are characters in the universe that feel the same way about them that a lot of fans do.


Even though Gungans aren't really liked by many, the actor known for playing Jar-Jar Binks is still very closely attached to Star Wars, and is now getting another chance at the franchise without the absurd antics of the character. Ahmed Best will be hosting a new competition series for Disney+ called Star Wars: Jedi Temple, and it will begin streaming next year.

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