The Star Wars Show Ends 2016 With Hilarious Star Wars Holiday Special Tribute

The first season of The Star Wars Show, the official weekly series about everything Star Wars, has come to an end, and they did it in spectacular fashion. The final episode of 2016 had no news, no big inside scoop, no interviews (ahem, no real reason for other outlets to write about it...), and yet it may be the best episode yet. That's because it's a tribute to the Star Wars Holiday Special, the epically bad made-for-TV special that is legend amongst Star Wars fans.

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The Star Wars Show Holiday Special has it all - a disinterested narrator (Star Wars Story Group's Pablo Hidalgo playing the role wonderfully), celebrity guest stars (we see you, Sam Witwer), a random musical number, Mandalorian guest stars (yes, Boba Fett debuted in the Holiday Special). There's even a special wizard ... eh, we won't spoil it.

The Star Wars Show has done a great job breaking news, getting in-depth with creatives around the Star Wars galaxy, and having fun while doing it, so it's nice to see them just flat-out cut loose. Congrats on a fun season one.


Oh, and, none of this is canon.


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