Tyler James Williams Says A Walking Dead Cast Member Told Him Who Negan Killed


Who did Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) kill in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead? Executive producer Greg Nicotero, who also directed the episode, said the death scene hasn't been filmed yet, and showrunner Scott Gimple said he hasn't even written it yet. However, that hasn't stopped a few people from claiming to know who gets a face full of Lucille. Norman Reedus told The Today Show that he knows "what happens and it's gutwrenching to me."

Tyler James Williams, who played Noah in Season 5 of The Walking Dead, seems like an unlikely person to be privy to such classified information, but he told Entertainment Weekly Radio that he knows who Negan's victim is and has known for a long time.

“Yes,” Williams said. “Yeah, I know. They were still shooting [season] 6. So like, middle of 6.”

And how does he know this? Williams was provided the classified information from one of the current cast members that has stayed in touch with him.

“Oh, yeah, of course,” he explained. “We all still speak and they kind of keep me up to date and stuff on what’s going on and all of that. … You have to understand [showrunner Scott M. Gimple] knows everything seasons and seasons out, so people knew, but we can’t say anything. No one can say anything. So it’s actually better to say that we don’t know.”

Season 7 of The Walking Dead will debut next October.

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