Norman Reedus On The Walking Dead Cliffhanger: "I Know What Happens And It's Gutwrenching"

TWD DAryl 614

The Walking Dead cast and crew are not shying away from addressing the controversy over their big cliffhanger ending to season six.

Andrew Lincoln opened up about it, wholeheartedly vouching for the mysterious and brutal ending, as has showrunner Scott Gimple.

Today, it was Norman Reedus' turn. The Daryl Dixon actor appeared on The Today Show in promotion of his new movie Sky but the conversation quickly turned to The Walking Dead.

"That finale was about the change of power," Reedus says of the cliffhanger in episode 616. "I think sometimes people think our show is survivor island and 'Who's gonna eat it this week?' but it's not and that episode was to show the change of power.Rick goes into that episode real confident and he comes out of it broken."

While most cast members have avoided saying anything about when the mystery will be solved and what the outcome will be when it is, Reedus claims to already know what happens.

"Cliffhangers have been happening since the beginning of entertainment so it makes sense," the actor says, before concluding, "I know what happens and it's gutwrenching to me."

He wasn't ready to reveal if it was his character or not, though.

So far, we can probably take Rick, Carl and Maggie off the chopping block. Carl because Negan threatened to cut his eye out, Rick because Negan threatened to feed said eye to him, and Maggie because we'll be finding out what's happening with her pregnancy when the show returns.

Daryl, however, is still ruled as "in danger."

via Today