Did A Secret 'The Walking Dead' Crossover Replace Maggie at Hilltop?

The Walking Dead fans think there may have been a secret crossover put together to fill the void left by Maggie's exit.

While Tara, Enid, or Jesus are all viable options to have taken up the mantle of leader at the Hilltop since Maggie's mysterious departure (which will be explained in Sunday's Episode 9x07), some fans are thinking Fear the Walking Dead's Alicia Clark is now running the show.

It's a possibility, within the narrative of Dead universe, that Alicia is now running the show at Hilltop. It would make sense, too. The character has emerged as a leader and skilled survivor on Fear the Walking Dead in its recent seasons. Furthermore, Morgan Jones has flirted with the idea of bringing Alicia and the group over to the communities close to Alexandria. With more than six years having passed since Morgan left Alexandria for Texas, where his crossover was carried out on Fear the Walking Dead in its fourth season, it's possible they made the journey east.

This would mean Fear the Walking Dead Season Five and beyond would be bringing their journey full circle, revealing how the cast of characters came to Virginia and allowed Alicia to take on a leadership role.

It's quite an exciting notion and it fits the storytelling continuity of the Dead universe. It would actually be one of the most rewarding plot twists for fans of both shows possible. However, it's not the case. Lauren Cohan did not join Fear the Walking Dead and Alycia Debnam-Carey has not joined The Walking Dead.

The cast of Fear the Walking Dead has not been on the set of The Walking Dead and will not be featured in Season Nine. This does not mean future crossovers are not possibilities. For example, a movie starring Michael Cudlitz as The Walking Dead's Abraham Ford and Ruben Blades s Fear the Walking Dead's Daniel Salazar is an idea which has been tossed around by the Dead universe's creative powers. However, merging Fear the Walking Dead into The Walking Dead already is not something which is being pulled off. In fact, it's unknown whether this is an eventual plan, at all.


For now, the theory is nothing more than that, as exciting as it would be to see Michonne ride into the Hilltop and meet Alicia Clark, leader of the Hilltop.

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