Details On Fear The Walking Dead's Season 3 Threats & Villains

Fear the Walking Dead's Season 2 finale was one of the most brutal, intense, and well-paced episodes of the entire series - making it also the most widely beloved by fans.

As if The Walking Dead's Season 6 cliffhanger wasn't enough, Fear the Walking Dead took a cue from big brother with its Season 2 finale.

To wrap up the final episodes of 2016, Fear the Walking Dead introduced an apparently menacing new group at the border of the United States and Mexico. They're not army men, as they lack stripes or an insignia, but more of a militia group which appears to be aggressively protecting their turf (possibly from the upcoming female villain).

Heading into the off-season, we're left wondering how much of a role this new group - already responsible for shooting Luciana and beating Nick - will be the focal point of villainy when the show returns in 2017.

FTWD Threats

"Yes and no," Erickson says when asked about the militia being the centralized villain in Season 3..

"What we wanted to do going into Season 3 was really tell the border story," Erickson reveals. "We started introducing elements north of the border since we haven't been there for quite some time, just to begin that story. I think we're going to possibly find our characters on either side who are straddling the border. We're going to introduce some new elements that are in or just outside of Tijuana in Season 3."

"We'll be hopefully building to a reunion of the family," Erickson goes on. "The goal for us is that the characters have changed so significantly since they were separated that their reunion will definitely not be a happy contented one."

For the most part, Fear the Walking Dead has not had a centralized villain and it doesn't seem to be headed that way for the upcoming season. Season 2's Narcos came close to being a major threat for Nick's group at La Colonia but were quickly dispatched before any reunion or battle ensued. It was the third season when The Walking Dead threw in its first centralized villain with the Governor, though one may argue that Shane was an antagonist through much of the first two seasons.


However, to bill Shane as an antagonist would coincide with crediting Rick as the protagonist - something no fan will argue - and Fear has yet to establish a clear protagonist. Some may argue it is either Madison or Travis who it's all about, while many see Nick as the leader of the show.

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