Chaos Ensues In Explosive 'Fear The Walking Dead' Episode 3x13 Preview

The chaos is continuing in a new preview for Fear the Walking Dead's "This Land Is Your Land" episode.

This Land Is Your Land is the thirteenth episode of Fear the Walking Dead's third season. The official synopsis reads, "Alicia is thrust into a position of leadership where she's forced to make life-changing decisions." While the synopsis highlights the immediate necessity for Alicia to rise into a position of power from Broke Jaw Ranch's pantry, it appears her brother Nick will lend some heroics to the episode as well.

While the survivors of the herd's attack on Broke Jaw Ranch are locked away in the pantry, Nick and the young man responsible for the arrival Troy will do their best to take out as many infected as possible. While it looks like the use of a rocket launch will aid their efforts, it appears they will ultimately land themselves in the same helicopter which claimed Travis in Fear the Walking Dead's Season 3 premiere.

They two characters better hope Victor Strand, Madison Clark and Qaletaca arrive in time to save them!

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