'Fear The Walking Dead' Star Ready to Direct 'The Walking Dead' Episode

Fear the Walking Dead's Victor Strand actor Colman Domingo is ready to direct an episode of The Walking Dead.

Domingo made his directorial debut on television with the twelfth episode of Fear the Walking Dead's most recent season. While he will get behind the camera again in Season Five, he is also eager to be the next behind-the-scenes crossover between the two shows, revealing as much during an interview with ComicBook.com at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

"I think I'd like the idea for me to get to know The Walking Dead set for the first time is by directing an episode," Domingo said. "I think that's what I'd like to do. So, Scott Gimple, you hear that? I think I'm ready to direct now. I did watch the first episode of this season -- outstanding. I thought it was an outstanding job. The tone, the feel, it was very cinematic and the performances were gorgeous."

On the other side of Fear the Walking Dead's cast is June actress Jenna Elfman who used her spare time in Atlanta to visit the set of The Walking Dead. Domingo, however, is electing not to do that for several reasons related to his work. "I haven't [visited The Walking Dead set]," Domingo said.

"It's always been important to me to maintain, and I think it's different for every actor, for me, I like to be in the world of Fear the Walking Dead," Domingo went on. "I honestly don't know a lot about The Walking Dead still because it helps me as an actor to access our show in a very pure, authentic way, to not know. So, when Morgan comes over, honestly I had not idea what he's doing with the stick. I had no idea but I think that's interesting. As an actor, but as a character, when I meet Lennie James, I just take him as a I see him in the situation and the stakes so I can actually, naturally be surprised by what I learn about him. That's just healthy for me."

Domingo was the first of Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead's casts to direct an episode. Coming up in Season Nine of The Walking Dead, Abraham Ford actor Michael Cudlitz will get behind the camera to direct an episode. Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln also claims he will be helming an episode in the show's tenth season. One might say Domingo is a trend setter!

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