'Fear The Walking Dead' Reveals Shocking Character Connection

Fear the Walking Dead opened with a shocking reveal, connecting two characters from varying timelines.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4x08 follow! Major spoilers!

In the opening moments of the Fear the Walking Dead Mid-Season Four finale, Kim Dickens' Madison approached a stranger in the woods. The stranger was none other than Maggie Grace's Althea, a character introduced to Fear the Walking Dead in its fourth season but never having appeared in the "BEFORE" scenes until now.

In the wake of the dam collapsing in the Season Three finale, Madison floated ashore thinking her entire family was gone. However, she managed to rescue everybody she cared about (so far, with the lone exception being Daniel Salazar, though he has been confirmed as surviving off-screen) and get them to the baseball stadium. Along her journey, apparently, she crossed paths with Althea. Althea never reveals having met Madison to Nick or Alicia, though, because Madison used a fake name and was, therefore, not coming to mind when mentioned by her kids in the "NOW" timeline.

The timing was indicated when Madison told Althea that she was looking for her kids and was willing to take her truck to carry out such a mission.

As for Madison's fate by the end of the episode, it seems unclear whether or not she survived the "BEFORE" scenario. Victor Strand actor Colman Domingo, however, promised there is indeed hope for the character who is a good friend to his.

"A little hope for Madison?" Victor Strand actor Colman Domingo said in an interview with ComicBook.com. "There's a lot of hope for Madison! Madison is such a compelling, interesting, strong, ferocious character. You never know. There's some speculation. They don't know what's going on because we haven't seen her in the new timeline. Is she kidnapped? Did she runaway? Is she holed up somewhere in a basement? You have no idea."

Fear the Walking Dead does have a history of splitting the character up only to find ways to bring them back together. Such moves have been common through its earlier seasons. The speculation, however, is fueled by Alicia and Nick's relentless desire to take down the Vultures who had previous been eyeing the baseball stadium.

"That's why I love the speculation because you just never know," Domingo said. "We're constantly just messing with your mind. It just keeps you nervous and keeps you in tuned. But, also, that's the reality. Let's say we were all together. You may go off sometime and do something else! And they, 'Hey.' It's interesting to see how we all come back together."

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