Fear The Walking Dead Showrunners Give Massive Cliffhanger Vague Explanation

Fear the Walking Dead ended its fifth season on a brutal note, killing off a major character. As [...]

Fear the Walking Dead ended its fifth season on a brutal note, killing off a major character. As the episode went, the character might have survived in the vein of Glenn finding a seemingly impossible route under a dumpster, but with blood leaking and zombies encroaching, there was a fraction of a chance that the character survived. But, like Fear the Walking Dead itself following a lackluster fifth season, there might be a chance this character gets a sixth season appearance despite being in a bad place. The showrunners, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, opened up about the slight cliffhanger.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 finale follow!

"Listen, he was bleeding quite a bit from that wound. And, he also had walkers encroaching on him," Goldberg told Insider. "Whether it's in the shoulder or the heart, it's a bad gunshot wound and it's not going to be one that he could easily survive." A classic play by the showrunners who want to give as vague of an answer as the dialogue they enjoyed providing the characters in Season 5.

They did, however, offer up insight in regards to why Ginny insisted on shooting Morgan and leaving him behind. "Virginia shooting Morgan really boils down to the fundamental disagreement that they have in kind of their viewpoints of how to live in the apocalypse," Chambliss said. "The reason she's killing Morgan instead of anyone else is that she really sees him as the person who has tried to keep this philosophy alive. You know, as she says, she views herself as someone who is able to make the hard decisions and she sees Morgan's inability to make those hard decisions as weakness. Obviously, Morgan would have a very different viewpoint on that. He's someone who values kind of every individual. Whereas, Ginny's viewpoint is very much about the group and how to look towards the future that is stable and can grow."

While the showrunnners do acknowledge that had Morgan been shot in the heart he wouldn't have made it to his radio, they won't say whether or not he will be back for Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead or elsewhere in the Dead universe.

"I think all we'll say is that Morgan's final message to everyone was telling them to just live and he meant that on, I think a more metaphorical level telling them to try to live their lives because there actually was some validity to what they were doing," Goldberg said. "But for Morgan, the question is whether or not he's going to be able to take his own advice and literally live 30 seconds past when the camera cuts in that final shot. And that's just something people are going to have to wait and see."

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Fear the Walking Dead has been renewed for a sixth season which should begin production later this year. The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season on Sunday, October 6 at 9pm ET on AMC.