The Whisperers Spotted In 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 4 Photo?

A new photo from Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season has stirred up fans of the Dead universe, [...]

A new photo from Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season has stirred up fans of the Dead universe, prompting speculation that popular comic book baddies, the Whisperers, could be headed to The Walking Dead's sibling series.

The Walking Dead's walkers, or zombies as the rest of the world knows them, are known for their impressive and unique make up. Every single walker is designed for one-time use with no two looking alike. It's an hours-long process which extras sit through on a daily basis to bring the apocalypse to life. The final stage of the process is to put contacts in the eyes of the performer, finalizing them the undead look and removing the original color from their eyes.

The photo below, however, sees walkers surrounding Jenna Elfman's new Naomi character in Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season with their natural eyes appearing to be in tact. Such a detail points to a living human being beneath the walker skin. Take a look...

(Photo: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC)

The walker seen in the shot near Naomi's right hand appears to have its eyes in tact, meaning it is still actually a living human.

While all signs point to Fear the Walking Dead being a continuation of Morgan Jones' story beyond The Walking Dead Season Eight, the idea of the character encountering the Whisperers before his Clear episode in The Walking Dead Season Three is certainly enticing. If he is to encounter "people wearing dead people's faces" as he described back then, before Fear the Walking Dead was known to be on the way, the writers would be putting some impressive chops on display.

However, given the pointed look of Morgan's spear, it appears the Atlanta native is continuing on beyond the war with Rick and Negan for Fear's fourth season. For Fear to introduce the villainous group known from The Walking Dead comics to wear the skin of the dead and walk among them speaking a whisper would be a bold show of confidence. It would therefore be telling the origin story of flagship drama's next major villains before a potential merger between the two shows or other characters pulling off a crossover of their own.

It does go against the popular theory of Madison Clark eventually becoming Alpha, which Kim Dickens tells she is up for. "I mean, I'm up for anything," Dickens said. "Ask my old showrunner, I'm game for anything. Anything he wanted to me do!" Other photos from the same scene show Dickens' Madison beside Naomi.

Furthermore, Pollyanna McIntosh became a topic of conversation after The Walking Dead Episode 8x10 showed signs of her Jadis character undergoing a transformation into the Whisperer leader. McIntosh, however, ruled out the possibility, meaning the position of Alpha is still vacant.

While it's extremely rare for any walkers to be photographed without contacts in their eyes to complete the costume and look, the idea of the Whisperers debuting on Fear the Walking Dead seems unlikely. Given the look of the walkers around Elfman's Naomi hit seems like these bodies really are the dead reanimated. There is no ruling out the possibility of this one person being a Whisperer among the dead but the rest seem to truly be roamers.

This theory originally started with Reddit user TomWhaley.

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