‘Fear’ Showrunner: “Expect More” ‘Walking Dead’ Crossovers

Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Ian Goldberg anticipates future intersection with The Walking Dead.

“[Co-showrunner] Andrew [Chambliss] and I are really just focused on Fear. Scott Gimple is in charge of the greater universe,” Goldberg told press at WonderCon when asked about grander crossovers that could see Fear characters switch to the other series.

“I think we can say it’s a universe that’s constantly expanding and intersecting with each other, so anything’s possible. We’ve seen crossovers happen and they’ve been really exciting, so I’d say to expect more.”

Fear executive producer and Walking Dead chief content officer Gimple, who ported Morgan (Lennie James) over from the mothership show as part of the first crossover between the two shows, next brings Dwight (Austin Amelio) to the spinoff as part of a plan first put into motion ahead of Fear Season Four.

Gimple said at WonderCon Season Five tells a “beautiful, and action-packed, and hilarious, and sad, and explosive kind of story” involving one of its characters that offers “another peek into the greater universe of The Walking Dead,hinting at likely ties to the same group that abducted Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

When asked if the two shows would ever share a common enemy, Gimple instead revealed another “crossover” in the form of a plot thread first seen in The Walking Dead carrying over into Fear:

“This season, I wouldn’t classify it as an enemy, but there will be this — beyond Austin — this very interesting commonality, this story strand that’s gonna be furthered on this show that started on The Walking Dead,” Gimple said. “And who knows where it will go? But that’s the thing on tap right now.”

But characters jumping from one show to the other is “a rare thing,” Gimple said, explaining the two shows will grow further intertwined in terms of connective thread to the wider Walking Dead Universe.


“It’s not gonna happen like this a lot,” he said of the Morgan and Dwight crossovers. “But I will say there are different sorts of crossovers we are going to do to tie the shows together, tie the universe together in certain ways that have to do with the greater happenings in the world.”

Fear the Walking Dead Season Five premieres Sunday, June 2 on AMC.