The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Reveals Negan's Most Dangerous Weapon

As we've seen in his maybe 12-minutes of screen time on The Walking Dead, Negan is dangerous. Very dangerous. In fact, killing and death are not something he even takes seriously.

However, one may be surprised to learn that his barbed wire laced baseball bat Lucille, nor a gun or a hatchet or anything along the lines, is his most dangerous weapon. According Maggie actress to Lauren Cohan, his most dangerous weapon is just who he is - which might make him even more terrifying.

"He can read people very quickly," Cohan says when asked what makes him most dangerous. "He is a very good judge of character despite being a despicable character."

"Little did we know Negan is this complete sadist that takes so much pleasure out of inflicting such great pain on people. To me, Negan feels like this horrible undercurrent that's been there the whole time that we haven't realized, and now it's rearing its head from every doorway you can imagine. It's like how bulls have little flocks of birds that live on their backs. We've been there not knowing we were all sleeping on this giant scary bull. We are upended.

Negan's impact will resonate for as long as The Walking Dead continues with Rick and company. "It's not an impact," he has on their world according to Cohan but "it's a completely unrecognizable remnant once he comes onto the scene."


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