Mom's Reaction to The Walking Dead Season Premiere Goes Viral

"I don't know who you killed, but I hate you... and it better not be Daryl!" That's the first non-swear including line in this video, almost two mintues in. This reaction video to The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, featuring a fan's mom (who is clearly a huge TWD fan herself), is full of swears, tears, and more than a couple laughs from her kid, recording the video. Spoilers, obviously.

The son shot his mother watching the whole episode, and she was very concerned about Daryl. Of course she did add in "I don't care, I love them all!" It's a very visceral reaction, and man oh man does she hate Negan.

"You're so sick I hate you you're so evil you're so sick. Motherf***er I'd kill you in a heartbeat come to my side of town motherf***er!" she screamed. The whole time Abraham is getting bludgeoned to death, she continually cries out Daryl's name, extremely concerned that he's going to jump up and do something, and feel Negan's wrath.

Indeed, when Daryl jumps up and decks Negan, she - as predicted - flips out. "I told you it was more than one! Daryl why did you do that?"

This mother is basically a distilled version of The Walking Dead fandom. After six months of complaining about the cliffhanger, asking every producer, writer, director, and actor on the show who Negan killed, and speculation for days, fans finally got their answer, and the old adage of being careful what you wish for hit them over the head like a barbed wire covered baseball bat. What, too soon?

While fans adorn themselves in "Daryl Dies, We Riot" shirts at conventions, he didn't die, of course, but was taken prisoner by Negan and his "Saviors." Instead, both Abraham and Glenn took the punishment by Negan, leaving them literally headless in a pool of blood. Fans figuratively lost their heads over the deaths, taking to social media and making reaction videos full of tearful goodbyes to the characters, especially Glenn, one of the original survivors from the beginning.

Sure, this mom's might have been a bit on the "over the top" side of things, but she is still all of us in this moment.


The only bad news we might have for this mom is Negan's fate SPOILER ALERT - she keeps saying various characters are going to kill him, or that his death will be so good... but in the pages of The Walking Dead comics, that's not quite how things have gone down so far.

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