New Leader Introduced On 'The Walking Dead' #176 Cover

The Walking Dead is headed towards a major gamechanging community and the woman in charge by the looks of its new covers.

With the group heading north toward Ohio and encountering a heavily armed bunch of soldiers, the New World Order is primed for arrival in the Image Comics/Skybound series. With issue #175's cover revealing soldiers sporting a look comparable to a mash up of the Peacekeepers and Stormtroopers, issue #176 appears to present their leader.

The cover of issue #176, seen below, introduced a brand new character, surrounded by her armed guards. Luckily for the group, she has a welcoming look rather than the intimidating appearance of previous leaders such as the Governor or Negan.

Check it out.

walking dead 176 cover

The issue is the second part of a six part story arc titled "New World Order." The woman on the cover's name has not yet been revealed but there is a possibility she is the "Stephanie" with whom Eugene has been communicating with via radio for months.

Previously, Michonne lead a group through Pittsburgh on their way to meet the "Stephanie" character but along the way picked up a woman calling herself "Princess" and ultimately encountered some armed forces in the most recent issue.

Issue #176 of The Walking Dead hits shelves in February of 2018.


As for the AMC series which adapts the comic, such a story is years from fruition. More than 100 episodes in, The Walking Dead TV series is adapting a story somewhere between issue #115 and #126.

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