Savage Memes From 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale

For some fans of The Walking Dead, the easiest way to manage their grief is through humor. [...]

For some fans of The Walking Dead, the easiest way to manage their grief is through humor. Creating memes has allowed them to do just that.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead's midseason eight finale follow!

With Carl going down with a walker bite to end the episode, fans have taken advantage of the opportunity to meme Carl's impending death and Rick's reactions to it. The fandom has gone full-savage in bringing these memes to life, truly revealing how much this death means to them.

After all, what's the difference between Rick and the Sun?


If only Carl had listened to his father... this would be a dead issue.


Daryl doesn't have a care in the world though, having finally ripped his vest from Dwight's back and slapping on his own again.


Lori couldn't have been more wrong, though.


Fans are a little fed up with certain characters or their situations, so they can relate to Tara's feelings below...


Carl's death has prompted every single theory from fans to arise, though all of them will be wrong and the character is definitely going to die...


Even Carl himself is finding humor in his death!


Plus, there's this image Carl actor Chandler Riggs shared, spoiling his eventual return to the show...


If only Carl had brought a meaningless character into the woods with him... He could have survived!


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