Scott Gimple Explains The Walking Dead's Expanding World In Season 7

twd sanctuary

It seems like every year The Walking Dead cast and crew talk about the show and its world getting bigger and expanding to get more threatening. Even so, though, it's never been more true than during the current midseason break. Fans of the comics have had a pretty good idea of things to come when The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season and others got their first taste of it with the epic season 7 trailer.

The world expansion was touched on during The Walking Dead's Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic Con on Friday but showrunner Scott Gimple went into more details during a press conference later in the day.

"We have these groups coming into the mix," Gimple says. "Some of these groups, we've only seen hints of, like the Saviors. They exist in their own society. We see that. We talked about the Kingdom. That's their own place. We saw Tara and Heath in a weird place. There's Alexandria. With these places, you have different characters and ways of life. We're expanding literally to these types of locations but also with these characters and the types of lives that they lead."

With the show heading to Negan's Sanctuary and Ezekiel's Kingdom, we have four important settings, counting the already established Alexandria Safe-Zone and Hilltop communities. From all four communities, though, new characters, leaders, and enemies will emerge. Some foes may turn friend and some friends may turn foe.


The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season on October 23 at 9 PM ET on AMC.