Talking Dead Guests Are Tom Payne, Xander Berkeley, And Kevin Smith

As the success of The Walking Dead continues each and every week, so does that of its live after [...]

As the success of The Walking Dead continues each and every week, so does that of its live after show. Talking Dead remains the second-highes viewed show on Sunday nights, trailing only The Walking Dead.

Sure, the show has an advantage by following the biggest series on television, but let's not diminish the wonderful work that has been done to make Talking Dead what it is.

Chris Hardwick is enough to make the show interesting on his own. The founder of Nerdist has found a great balance of geek fandom and professional wisdom that makes him the best choice for a series like this. His ability to relate to audiences, while still succeeding as a talk show host, is unparalleled. He's a big reason why the show has remained this successful.

Talking Dead is also praised for the great celebreity guests that are featured on the show. In addition to actors from The Walking Dead, many famous fans of the series are always pining for a seat at the table.

This week, Talking Dead finds a great balance of both TWD stars, and other celebs. In addition to two of the starsm who will be featured in this episode, Talking Dead is bringing on the one man who might be nerdier than Chris Hardwick.

Tom Payne, Xander Berkeley, and Kevin Smith are all joining Hardwick as guests on Talking Dead this week.

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Tom Payne plays Jesus on The Walking Dead, the free-spirited expert in stealth and combat. Berkeley portrays Gregory, the cowardly leader of the Hilltop Community.

Kevin Smith is known as a writer, director, and podcast host. He gained notoriety for directing cult comedies like Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. but has recently shifted some attention to the DC TV series' Arrow and The Flash.

Talking Dead airs at 10pm ET on AMC, immediately following The Walking Dead.


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