'The Walking Dead' Fans Create Awesome Alpha And Beta Cosplay

The Whisperers have quickly become fan-favorite villains on AMC's The Walking Dead series. Since being introduced in the show's ninth season, Samantha Morton's Alpha and Ryan Hurst's Beta have developed a haunting presence on the post-apocalyptic zombie show. Now, those characters are developing a presence in the cosplay circuit, as well.

Fans of The Walking Dead have already cooked up some impressive Alpha and Beta cosplay, taking photos in the woods which could be mistaken for actual imagery from the TV series at a glance. Reddit user crazietj shared an image of the costumes being worn out in the woods, pulling off an impressive recreation of the characters seen on television.

Check out the Alpha and Beta cosplay based on The Walking Dead's Whisperer villains in the photo below!

Our Alpha and Beta Cosplay. from r/thewalkingdead

The Walking Dead put careful effort into developing the looks for Alpha and Beta which fans have clearly taken a liking to.

"We've talked about putting a bald cap on her, shaving her head," Nicotero explained. "I had some friends in London do a head cast, and then they shipped the head cast to LA, and we designed Alpha's mask, you know what I mean? Just the design of the Whisperer masks themselves, was something that we were really excited about because it gives you that opportunity to create these faceless emotionless killers."

Now, the Whisperers are bringing a villainous evolution to The Walking Dead. "We've spent nine years seeing the dead clouded eyes of walkers," Nicotero said, "so to contrast the dead rotting skin with Samantha's blue eyes and just that coldness that is behind them, it was amazing. And I'm so in love with her as an actress, and I'm so grateful for what she brings to the show."


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