The Walking Dead's Angela Kang Teases Alpha's Role in Season 10

The Walking Dead is charging into an adaptation of the Whisperer War from Robert Kirkman's comic book source material. The AMC series will pit the Alexandrians against Alpha and her menacing Whisperers, which showrunner Angela Kang is now promising will be unlike any conflict before it.

"Brace yourself. This conflict is intense,' Kang tells TVLine. "Someone like [Alpha] doesn't have a traditional sort of battle strategy, so there are things that happen — on both sides — that are surprising and strange. There are elements of paranoia, and a Cold War feeling." Following wars with the like of the Governor and Negan, the zombie series could use a little change of pace for some battles and conflicts. It appears the Whisperers will be doing that which is something fans of the comics are familiar with.

In the books, Rick can't lead his people straight into war as a means to get revenge against those who put members of their community's heads on pikes. Instead, he has to act tactically with each move as the Whisperers are able to surround, infiltrate, and strike with ease and unnoticed.

Heading into Season 10, it sounds like Michonne will be leading that charge, as Kang promises "badass" moments before Danai Gurira exits the role on the TV series (but probably continues on with the coming movies).

Still, Carol will be out for revenge against Alpha and might just get it according to Kang's teases on The Walking Dead Season 10 Preview Special. "I mean, we're gonna see some Carol-Alpha, and it's gonna be awesome," the showrunner said. "I'm just thinking about this scene that they have together which is just epic, that's so cool. Yeah, there's a little bit of a beef there."


Carol actress Melissa McBride echoed a similar sentiment. "When we saw her last in [Season] 9, she was absolutely devastated by the death of Henry and everyone else that ended up on the pikes," McBride said on Talking Dead. "And I think she's gonna feel maybe isolated a bit, gathering her bearings, perhaps fighting some feelings of vengeance. It's some unexpected stuff from Carol. Unexpected and expected. Expect the unexpected."

The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season on October 6.