New 'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Confirms Major Season 9 Details

The Walking Dead is headed in a new direction with the upcoming Season Nine, including a time jump fans of Robert Kirkman's comics are familiar with.

Speaking on a panel dubbed "The Kick-Ass Women of AMC," The Walking Dead's new showrunner Angela Kang opened up about the upcoming episodes for the first time. On the heels of Carl's demise and the All Out War story finally concluding in the Season Eight finale, the show is looking to reinvent itself in major ways.

"We're working on a season that has a really fresh look and feel," Kang said. "We're playing with time in this season, so we get to kind of jump forward in the story."

Comic book fans are familiar with such a time jump as the series leaped a few years into the future in the first issue which published after the All Out War arc's twelfth and final issue. Such changes as Maggie's baby having been born, the community's establishing thriving environment, and Negan being locked away in jail were introduced by The Walking Dead issue #127's time jump.

As for the TV series, fans should expect to see Andrew Lincoln and his Rick Grimes character exit sooner than later when the show returns, which is only one of many changes coming to the series.

"We come in [to season nine] on some really fun stuff," Kang said. "I'm really focusing a lot on the core character relationships in the show that have kind of been long lasting as well as servicing all of our wonderful series' regulars."

For Kang, the opportunity to be in charge of cable's biggest show at a point which will prove to be pivotal for the series and its future is a true honor. "I'm so humbled by the opportunity to work on a show that's been such a juggernaut and that is so beloved by millions of fans around the world," Kang said. "It's not lost on me that for a lot of women who watch the show and watch the strong women characters on the show, and dress up as those characters, people are looking for role models."


The Walking Dead will return for its ninth season in the fall. Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC, returning for the second half of its fourth season on August 12. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

(via Insider)