The Walking Dead: Are Carol And Ezekiel Destined For Love?

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead.

Well, that was a change of pace. After the brutal events of The Walking Dead's season seven premiere, fans needed something a little slower and lighter. The perfect remedy came with this week's episode, The Well.

We had the chance to catch up with Carol and Morgan, whom had been missing since the season six finale. They have been found by members of The Kingdom, and this episode saw them meet the new community's leader.

A few minutes into the episode, King Ezekiel dabuted to audiences and brought in the heart The Walking Dead was so desperately needing. The biggest question after meeting the charismatic leader is a big one going forward for fans.

Is Ezekiel into Carol?!

Absolutely. No one can lay it on that thick and not mean it. A guy like Ezekiel is drawn to strong women, and he appreciates Carol's low tolerance for nonsense. She isn't afraid to stand up for herself, and that's exactly what he wants.

Think about the last few minutes of the episode. That conversation in the garden doesn't happen all of the time, and you can be sure that there aren't many who know Ezekiel's true secrets. Then, on top of that, the guy shows up at her house unannounced. If that isn't a signal, nothing is.

Carol Ezekiel

Carol seems a little reluctant, but you can tell his charm is wearing on her. She is getting a little more patient with his friendliness, and she is sure to only get warmer to him as the season goes on.


An eerily similar story unfolded in the comics, but it was Michonne who Ezekiel fell for. We know their story-lines have all changed from the source material, but this one makes sense. Carol and Michonne have very similar insecurities and doubts at this point in the plot. They also each have a stronger backbone than many other women in the series.

Look for Carol and Ezekiel to build a deeper relationship in the weeks to come. It will be at least two more episodes before we see them again, but they will probably be much warmer to each other when Rick enters the situation.