The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Gets Daily Death Threats


In 2016, the Internet can be a dangerous and scary place because of the people who take advantage of the anonymity it provides to them. Such things have pushed many creators, artists, and others in the entertainment industry away from the communication mediums on social media. The Walking Dead's writer and creator doesn't back down, though, despite receiving daily death threats from fans.

"I get feedback on the web every day," Kirkman says. "Most of the people I work with stay away from it. They cannot cope with the terrible attacks, the negative comments and death threats I get."

Technically, Kirkman could go to the police and have these people charged with criminal offenses for the way they speak to him on social media. He chooses not to. "I could ask the police to trace the person but it is probably no danger," he says. "It can be very scary if it is from a 35-year-old man with a lot of knives who knows where I live. But it can also be a 13 year old highly emotional girl… We'll see if I survive, but I do not think anyone is going to hurt me here."

Rather than take the threats and harsh words seriously, Kirkman finds ways to joke about some of the statements made online. "I can say banana split in social media, and they respond, 'Go to hell, we want soft ice cream. You will die!' I take it with a grain of salt," Kirkman says. "People have been saying disgusting things to me for so long now that I have become desensitized. I use it as a tool. You get a sense of what the audience likes and dislikes, and what path they want the action to take."

We can only imagine what Kirkman's Twitter feed looked like after The Walking Dead's season six finale left many frustrated.


(via BloodyDisgusting)