The Walking Dead: Daryl and Connie Share a Moment in Season 10 Episode 5 Clip

Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Connie (Lauren Ridloff) have a moment in a new clip released ahead of The Walking Dead 10x05, “What It Always Is.” The clip, courtesy of E! Online, catches up with Daryl and Connie — along with Dog — tracking Connie’s sister Kelly (Angel Theory), who failed to return to the Hilltop colony after journeying into the woods alone. Adding to Connie’s worries: Kelly’s hearing has grown progressively worse, and these woods are filled with walkers and skin-wearing Whisperers alike. Daryl opens up about long-dead “idiot” brother Merle (Michael Rooker), who once had to be saved by Daryl when the drunken Merle nearly drowned after stealing a boat.

The clip ends with Connie taking Daryl by the hand, part of the growing closeness between the two survivors.

“I can say that they definitely have a lot in common,” Ridloff previously told TV Guide through an ASL translator. “They both don’t really speak that much. And they both are very strong leaders. They both are very loyal. They will do anything to protect the people that they care about. So I think they definitely have those things in common. Friends or more than that? Who knows! You’ll just have to keep watching.”

Whether or not the friendship turns romantic, Daryl “definitely has started viewing her as an equal,” Reedus recently told EW. “I mean, she can take care of herself. She’s definitely smart. There’s been moments where Daryl’s going, ‘I’m going left,’ and she says, ‘I’m coming with you.’ And he goes, ‘No, you’re not,’ but she’s like, ‘Try to stop me.’ I think he admires that about her.”

The episode, mostly focused on a fugitive Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), delivers on showrunner Angela Kang’s promise Season 10 would reunite ‘Donnie’ after Daryl and Connie’s team-up in Season 9.


“Well, I think Daryl and Connie, it’s been really fun writing scenes for those two,” Kang said on a past episode of Talking Dead. “I think Norman and Lauren, who plays Connie, they’re both great together and have a really fun chemistry. I can’t really say what’s gonna happen, I’ll just say there is more Daryl and Connie, and they’re amazing together.”

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