The Walking Dead: Key Detail Spotted for Daryl's New Relationships

Throughout Season 9 of The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon became close with Connie while also reviving his close friendship with Carol which has been forged through years together in the zombie apocalypse. Naturally, fans formed their respective "ships" and started wishing for Daryl to end up with one or the other, romantically. However, there has been no definitive indication of a romantic bond between Daryl and either of the characters he has become close with. While the debate heats up between fans, a key details was spotted in the Season 10 premiere regarding Daryl's efforts to forge a bond with Connie: Daryl is carrying an ASL pamphlet in his pocket.

Shortly after reuniting with Carol following an uncertain amount of time, it was revealed that Daryl was carrying the pamphlet and the character displayed some improved sign language skills while communicating with Connie, the show's first deaf character. It may simply be a friendly gesture to communicate with a member of the group or it may be a romantic effort, if some fans get their way. Only time will tell if Daryl is interested in anyone, at all.

Regardless of the scenario, Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus opened up about carrying the pamphlet, offering very little to fuel any theories about a potential romance:

"I think it's great that you see Daryl trying to learn new things and learn how to communicate," Reedus said. "Both of those characters could definitely help us and so, you know, let's communicate. And both those actresses are such good actresses, it's fun. There's been some ASL that I've messed up on set and said a dirty word here or there by accident and they're like, 'No,' and I'm like, 'What'd I do?', and they're like, 'It's down here, it's not up here!'"

Still, we can expect more from Daryl as Season 10 goes on, as the most recent showrunner takeover put Angela Kang in charge of show. During her tenure, Kang has put character at the forefront of the post-apocalyptic drama.

"We did season nine and they gave me a lot to do and it's panned out for us," Reedus said. "Nine was a great season. It's wild because I feel like Norman, you know with all the great actors and actresses that have been on this show, Daryl carried sort of the weight of these ghosts that have taught him certain things into the show and the things he learned from Hershel, things he learned from Rick, they're sort of helping him make decisions in this new season and I feel it as Norman."

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.