Is Dwight Going To Leave 'The Walking Dead'?

While there is definitely 'more death' coming to The Walking Dead, there might also be more [...]

While there is definitely "more death" coming to The Walking Dead, there might also be more characters wandering off into the apocalypse, never to be heard from again.

Dwight, the former ally to Negan and the Saviors, does not appear to have a group with which he can feel safe and at home. Attempting to flee Negan's men in the woods with the surviving Alexandria character on their way to the Hilltop, Dwight was chased down and nearly killed by Tara. Her actions, in fact, represented most of the group's thoughts. So, what will happen to Dwight when the dust of the All Out War settles?

Could Dwight, like Morgan Jones, leave The Walking Dead?

It's entirely possible. It might even be possible for Dwight to head over to the sibling series with Morgan, eventually. After all, Dwight actor Austin Amelio's home state is the same one as Fear the Walking Dead's Season Four production which moved to Texas. However, it seems more likely the character would go the way of Corey Hawkins' Heath and simply vanish.

Referenced in Episode 8x11 on Sunday night was Dwight's wife Sherry in a conversation between the burnt-faced Savior-traitor and Daryl. Sherry went missing in Season Seven, telling Dwight not to come looking for her after she escaped the clutches of Negan, the man she chose to serve as a wife for protection, leaving Dwight behind and becoming quite cold towards him.

After Dwight found a note from Sherry, though, he might have found a new hope in his pre-apocalyptic relationship with her and is certainly hoping to find her, one day.

As Dwight noted, he is only here to help Rick and his gang win the war against Negan. After that, he knows he is not welcome.

In The Walking Dead comics, Dwight remains an ally to Alexandria but most difficult part of fitting in with the group is his own mentality. He does not feel he belongs in the community and struggles to serve as a lieutenant in Rick's army, and even develops a bit of a rivalry with Rick himself. Still, the story is playing out as new issues of the comics are printed.

Do you think Dwight will stick around with one of the communities aligned with Rick after the war with Negan wraps up? Or will he hit the road in the vein of Morgan Jones? Leave you thoughts in the comment section below!

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