Ross Marquand On Eric's Fate And 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x02

Rick's armies marched on several Savior outposts in Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead but their efforts came with a cost.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x02 follow!

In The Damned, Ross Marquand's Aaron lead a charge on a never-before-seen Savior outpost which Dwight had let Rick's army in on. While Aaron served as a lieutenant for the army, dishing out orders and rushing tothe frontlines, his boyfriend Eric felt a need to step up as the community rallied.

Ultimately, Eric would be shot, potentially put him on a path towards his comic book fate.

"I hated that moment," Marquand said on After the Dead. "It's rough because I mean it's such a bittersweet moment where they feel like they've got the upper hand on the Saviors, and the battle is going really well, and then Eric just goes on this Rambo-esque stampede, and he's just mowing these guys down left and right. And it's cool to see Eric just really get this adrenaline and start really stepping up a huge way. And then for that to be the outcome of this incredibly brave act... It was really tough to film that."

Of course, Eric isn't even in the ground but fans are quickly speculating losing the character portrayed by Jordan Woods-Robinson paves the way for the relationship between Aaron and Jesus to blossom as it is in the comics.

"I have no idea what's going to happen, to be perfectly honest," Marquand says of the mater. "I have no idea, and I wouldn't even begin to speculate because there's things from the comics that are definitely, as you guys know, in the series, and there's things that are completely different."


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