The Walking Dead Fans' Hilarious Reactions To The Season Finale

Walking Dead Fans React to The Season 6 Finale

Walking Dead fans had a LOT to say/scream about The Season 6 finale. Embrace the controversy and WATCH their emotional reactions in our latest video compilation:

Posted by The Walking Dead from Skybound on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Walking Dead's season finale sure did provoke a lot of emotions from its audience. The video above seems to capture every single expression on the emotional spectrum.

To cap off the sixth season, viewers were left stranded. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan ws finally introduced and upon his arrival, he killed one of our survivors. Who? We don't know. We can guess all we want but it's driving fans crazy.

Other moments that also sparked great reactions were Carol getting shot by a lone Savior. The character was ready to die just when Morgan unloaded his gun on the man ready to take her down.


The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season in October. A new trailer will arrive from San Diego Comic Con in July.