'The Walking Dead' Just Set Up Father Gabriel's Death

The Walking Dead set the stage for Father Gabriel to fulfill his comic book death in Sunday night's episode.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x06 follow. Major spoilers!

In Episode 9x06, titled, "Who Are You Now?" Eugene and Rosita carried out a mission to get a signal for a radio from high ground. In doing so, Eugene climbed atop a water tower with a shaky ladder. It seems to be setting the location for Father Gabriel's death from the comics to be carried out in live action during the upcoming Whisperer War.

In issue #158 of Robert Kirkman's comics, Father Gabriel spotted a herd of walkers and Whisperers approaching his communities. His mission was to warn his people but ultimately he would try to get down from the tower and fail. After slipping, Gabriel's leg would be trapped in the ladder and the Whisperer army would close in on him.

Beta, who will be played by Ryan Hurst on the AMC series, sliced Gabriel open at his core, leaving him hanging upside down to be devoured by walkers. None of the survivors would come upon his remains or learn of his death.

In fact, the death is one which Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam wishes to carried out on the TV series.

"Two thirteen year old kids came over, so eager to show me this thing," Gilliam told ComicBook. I was like, 'Oh, that's bad. That's bad! It's not over yet? He's what? He breaks his ankle then he gets his stomach cut or he gets his throat slit then he gets fed to the bone!' I think it's actually a more dramatic death than Glenn, though Glenn trying to gurgle out 'Maggie' with the bat is hardcore."

Ultimately, Gilliam would not be mad to see his character given such an iconic death.

"I think that's more than a worthy death, man," Gilliam said. "That's like three deaths in one. I don't know how I would play it. I would definitely lose my voice before the throat was cut but I think that would be the coolest way Father Gabriel could go. He's eaten to the bone! Literally, he's hanging there."

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