The 'Walking Dead' Character Being Overlooked For 'Fear' Crossover

There is one character on The Walking Dead who might be a late favorite to pop up as the crossover [...]

There is one character on The Walking Dead who might be a late favorite to pop up as the crossover character headed to Fear the Walking Dead in prequel form: Austin Amelio's Dwight.

With the crossover presumed to be taking place in Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season, the backstory of a current or former character from The Walking Dead has been the hot bet among fans. Though many fans suspect Michael Cudlitz will reprise his role as Abraham Ford to give fans who adore the late character a reason to tune into Fear, executive producer Greg Nicotero debunked to possibility on's After the Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan would be the next choice for many fans, and certainly AMC executives hoping to see a ratings bump in the Walking Dead's sibling series. However, the actor will have extremely limited time between other production obligations such as Rampage and a possible stint as Batman. On top of those factors, Morgan wrapped Season 8 of The Walking Dead only one week ago. Morgan is also the most expensive possibility. All of these reasons make the iconic villain less likely to appear on Fear.

The traitor to Negan, however, might be on board.

Dwight plays a key role in Negan's backstory as fans know from the Here's Negan comic book. In fact, the story of how Dwight bumps into Negan and eventually becomes his follower, along with his wife Sherry, is one of the more interesting storylines writer/creator Robert Kirkman has injected into the show's source material. Furthermore, the Austin Amelio's hometown is the same as Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season, as the show picked up and moved to Austin, Texas.

With The Walking Dead being in production from late April through November, many cast members might steer away from reprising their roles for more time than necessary. For example, though Christian Serratos' Rosita's story begins somewhere near Dallas, Texas. Serratos, however, might rather spend time with her newborn child than produce more episodes of Rosita and no one could blame her.

For an actor like Amelio, reprising the role in their own backyard might make serving as the crossover a bit more enticing and possible, unlike other frontrunner possibility Josh McDermitt's Eugene Porter. Like much of the Walking Dead cast, McDermitt retreats to Los Angeles in the off-season.

The extent of the character's crossover on Fear the Walking Dead (or vice verse, since there is no definitive ruling yet) is unknown. However, should the event lead to the character's appearance on The Walking Dead, Madison and her group are in trouble. As fans of The Walking Dead know, none of the Fear the Walking Dead characters arrived in or near Alexandria with Dwight or the other communities.

In any case, the official announcement of which character will crossover between the two Walking Dead shows will come Sunday night during Talking Dead.

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