'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Finale Will Have Plenty Of Deaths

There will be "plenty of death to go around" in The Walking Dead season 8 finale, according to insider Johnny O'Dell.

Episode 8x16, "Wrath," will bring an end to the strife between AHK and the Saviors, executive producer Scott Gimple told EW.

"The war will absolutely be resolved by the end of season eight," Gimple said.

Leading man Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, promised an "epic" season 8 closer that he described as a "smorgasbord."

"I think you've got everything in this one," Lincoln told EW. "It's quite an unusual structure, but it's very emotional, I hope, because that's what I felt [while filming]."

The conflict with Rick's people and the Saviors has been ongoing since the tail end of season 6. While that particular storyline comes to an end, Lincoln said the finale also sets up a direction for the already-in-the-works season 9.

"It does feel like it completes something," Lincoln said. "But it also does feel that it offers a lot of interesting story arcs for the future, which is quite unusual."

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, dubbed the finale "a little unexpected."

"When I read it I was like, 'Well, that's a turn, that's a twist. Huh? Okay, then what?'" McBride said. "I was kinda like, 'Whoa, wait. Okay, wait, okay, then what?' So I'm really anxious for season 9 because I want to know what."

Fans hoping to see Negan meet his end in the finale might walk away disappointed, but Gimple opened up about his desire to satisfy fans come April 15.

The season finale, often the biggest episode of each season, "might not be what people are expecting," Gimple warned. "It might not be what some of the characters even want. But it is a conclusion, and they have to deal with its aftermath."

Gimple will be exiting his post as showrunner come season 9 — he'll instead serve as overseer of the entire Walking Dead brand for AMC, including a creative role on spinoff Fear The Walking Dead — but the writer-slash-producer planted seeds for future seasons.

The finale "very much sets up the start of the next story," Gimple told EW, a story to kick off when The Walking Dead makes its expected return to AMC this October.


The Walking Dead airs its extended season 8 finale Sunday, April 15 at 9/8c on AMC.